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Eurodance band from the Netherlands called 2 Unlimited was launched in 1991.
Belgium producers Jean-Paul De Coster and Phil Wilde were creators of the project. Such hits as «No Limit», «Get Ready For This» and «Tribal Dance» lent éclat to the band. Millions of albums of the band were sold around the globe. What a great result!

This band would never get these results without its vocalists Ray Slijngaard and Anita Daniëlle Doth.
Unfortunately, both left the group after 5 years of fame. In 1998 2Unlimited couldn't capitalize on previous success. One year later 2 Unlimited came to an end.

Nevertheless, Ray and Anita appeared together after 13 years of break. Moreover, they launched «In Da Name of Love» single in 2010 and «Nothing 2 lose» in 2011. One year later it became known, that they made a decision to perform under 2Unlimited label.
They took part in Acceleration 2014 Festival. Russian «Superdicso of 1990s» also featured performances from 2Unlimited.
2016 started with a shocking news for the fans of 2Unlimited - the female lead singer has left the band, providing a place for the new lead vocalist - Kim Levy.


Get Ready


"Get Ready!"
no limits


"No Limits!"
Real Things


"Real Things"







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